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The Solution Development Company for Autonomous Age

AGOS's advanced system integration technology and powerful software create a high performance solution platform that produces market-leading security, aviation traffic control, next Gen TV, 5G EMF and Signal Intelligent for government, defense, and industry.
We aim to high for the advanced technologies in the area of Air security against Drone threats,
Signal intelligent for targeted signals.
We pursue a among the leader of the technologies in RF safety,
Air Traffic Control monitoring and ATSC 3.0 next generation TV broadcast business.
Counter-Drone Signal Intelligent RF Safety Air Traffic Management Next Gen TV
Drone detection & classification
Drone Neutralization
Direction Finding
& Geo location
Signal monitoring
EMF Measurement
4G, 5G NR EMF Evaluation
Air Traffic Control Simulator AODB ATSC 3.0 Headend system
UHD transmitting
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